Occasional Programs :

According to the necessity of happiness in society especially among young people some programs like celebration, festival, concerts were held with cooperation of organizations and institutes.  

Celebration of Imam Ali's Birthday:

In summer 2007, Sepehr school:

Young member of Taaly NGO held the birthday celebration of Emam Ali. Targets of this program were rewarding of Emam Ali , admiring and thanking from fathers.


May 2008 Niavaran Park:

Young members of Taaly NGO held the birthday celebration of Emam Ali with cooperation of Social and Cultural Affairs of Municipality district 1 and “Khaneye Shahryarane Javan” (house of young volunteer city helpers) of district 1. This celebration as Kish Mehr held in Niavaran Park Outdoor Theater with thousands of participants on 15 July 2008. In this program different groups made artistic activities. Some of them were singing with Hananeh Group’s Performance, playing precussion instruments and game by Hosein Rafiee. Important points were participation of 2000 – 2500 persons and member of Esteghlal fan club.


Donating food for birthday of Emam Ali, spring 2011

 Young members of Taaly NGO cooked in Tehran for Emam Ali’s Birthday in Kavoosieh Local House region 3 and distributed 1000 foods between needy and homless people. 


May 2014 in Ahmaad Abaad Mostofi

Young members of Taaly NGO held celebration of Emam Ali’s birthday in May 2014 for workers of factories in Ahmaad Abaad Mostofi.



Ghadir Celebration

Tally NGO held Ghadir Celebration in Ivan Attar in Saad Abaad Complex with cooperation of Social and Cultural Affairs of Municipality Region 1in 9 December 2009. In this celebration some activities were done like: talking with disabled people from Bavar forum, Parvane Tarlan children actress, Alireza Assar held musical program that was welcoming great by people. 

Charity concert “One night for supporting education of children”

Concert of Rozbeh Nematolahi and Mani Rahnama was hold for supporting education of children in March 2012 in Arike Iranian.


Sepandarmazgan Celebration

Shahid Abouzar Camp 17 February 2009:

Motivated young members of Taaly celebrated Sepandarmazdegan day because of love day in Iran. In this program held with reading Shahname and match, traditional and pop music. Young members of Taaly made the music group for the first time and they played some Iranian music.  


Talash Complex 18 February 2010

This celebration started with the show of Khosro and Shirin story. Rasoul Najafian held traditional music and Hamid Khandan held pop music in this program. This ceremony was hold for commemoration of Love and Loving (it is named in Iran ancient) and finished with diner and participation of Women Affairs manager of municipility region 3.


Seul Park, 18 February 2011:

Love day celebrated in Iran ancient. In this celebration was hold reading Shahnameh and match for families and young people.


Yalda night 2013

This ceremony was hold in November 2013 in Bagh Behesht complex with artists like Roozbeh Nematolahi in joy and vitality atmosphere.


Yalda night 2011

Young members of Taaly NGO held Yalda night ceremony in theater salon in Chamran complex with 300 persons. In this celebration different artists participated and did programs. Hamid Khandan did programs as a singer.