Organizing classes and workshops of various educational and life skills for mothers.


Workshop Name: Psychology Class "How to communicate with the Child"

Contacts: Mothers

Purpose: The purpose of this course is to provide an opportunity for mothers to become familiar with the skills they need to communicate with their children.

Conduct: 2 hours workshop in campus.

Educational content: Principles of children's education, Familiarity with the psychology of child growth, Familiarity with successful educational techniques, Familiarity with childish literature, paying attention to emotional intelligence of the child, Familiarizing with the methods of modifying the child's behavior, Familiarizing with educational methods affecting the self-esteem and children's self-confidence.

Workshop Name: Candle Making

Contacts: mothers, young girls

Purpose: The purpose of the event is to introduce the procedure of making candles to create creativity and entrepreneurship.

Conduct: A 2-hour workshop in the space of educational camps of happy children festival.

Required Equipment: Candle Supplies, wax and so on.

Educational Content: In this workshop, mothers and girls learn how to use their creativity and tastes and become familiar with their abilities through activities like making candles and can have a source of entrepreneurship and creativity.

Workshop Name: Sewing

Contacts: Mothers

Purpose: Introduction to the basic principles of sewing

Conduct: Happy children festival’s workshop

Required Equipment: Sewing Supplies

Educational content: Getting to know the sewing, patterning and stitching in the method of metric and gerlovin training sewing all kinds of skirts, blouses and scarfs.

Workshop Name: Healthy Nutrition

Contacts: Mothers

Purpose: Understanding the principles of healthy eating

Conduct: Holding a two-hour workshop in campus of happy children festival.

Educational Content: Types of Nutrition, Healthy Nutrition, Dietary Nutrition, Types of Fast-food and Fatty foods, Key factors in Obesity ,main groups of foods, nutrition in different age groups, obesity and weight loss diets, food hygiene and how to store food and nutrition during pregnancy and lactation.

Workshop Name: Yoga

Contacts: Mothers

Purpose: to create sports movements and mobility for mothers, create a space of relaxation and escape.

Conduct: Two-hour workshops for educational camps of happy children festival.

Educational content: Performing yoga style movements, talking about the nature of each movement, and its impact on different parts of the body. Performing meditation and relaxing movements. Talking to mothers about physical problems that can be treated with yoga exercises.


Workshop Name: Group Reading

Contacts: Mothers

Purpose: The purpose of the event is to create a space for the thinking and acquaintance of mothers with books and reading books and to express their opinions in the book of the book.

Conduct: At happy children's festival

Required Equipment: Book

Educational Content: Mothers and children from the camp gathered together and selected a book, read it in the group, and spoke their opinions about the book.

The goal is to raise the level of awareness of mothers, create a safe environment for comment, and increase the level of self-esteem of mothers to read the book in summing up their opinions.

Workshop name: Psychosocial and group counseling

Contacts: Mothers

Purpose: to express the positive things they have done - those that have not succeeded in life - successful experiences - their desires from life - introduction of the book

Conduct: Two-hour workshops in the campus of happy children festival.

Educational Content: Mothers and coach gather together and discuss their problems in a group. The rest of the attendance express their views on the issue and express their personal experiences if they are faced with a similar problem. Finally, in co-operation with the coach, they choose a solution to the problem.

Workshop Name: Making Rhinestones at Home

Contacts: Mothers

The purpose of the event is to create a space for the creativity of young mothers and young girls, entrepreneurship

Conduct: Two-hour Workshop at happy children festival campus

Required Equipment: Disposable parts like pieces of fabric, welded wire, woolen, decorative stones, beads.

Educational Content: Learn how to make bangles with wire and decorative stones, training on making shell necklaces, knitted bracelets with beads and beads, making creative handmade jewelry, bracelets with scraps, making flowers with fabric.

Workshop Name: First Aid

Contacts: Mothers and young girls

Purpose: Skills and familiarity with first aid

Conduct: Two hours Workshop at happy children festival campus

Required Equipment: First aid box

Educational Content: Provide initial training to prevent injury from prevention and prevent the progress of lesions, injuries and subsequent complications, or reduce the suffering of the injured person before referral to a physician and before transferring to treatment centers. Knowing wounds and bleeding - knowing various types of poisoning - Understanding the types of bites.

Workshop Name: Entrepreneurship

Contacts: Mothers and young girls

Purpose: The purpose of the event is to promote culture, entrepreneurial spirit and the training techniques of self-employment.

Conduct: 2-hour Workshop at happy children festival campus.

Required Equipment: Entrepreneurship Education ... What is an Entrepreneur? What is Entrepreneurship?

Educational content: How can use the existing facilities, abilities, creativity, and abilities to create a space for business.

Workshop Name: Easy Cooking

Contacts: Mothers and young girls

Purpose: The purpose of the event is to create an atmosphere of creativity for mothers and girls

Conduct: Four hours Workshop at happy children festival campus.

Required Equipment: Cookware.

Educational Content: Easy cooked meals without meat, confectionery with easy-to-use utensils and without oven, improve creativity of mothers and girls.

Workshop Name: Dental Health and Skin Beauty

Contacts: Young mothers and girls

Purpose: Introduction to the oral, dental hygiene and dermatology. Importance of healthy body and association with the body and the gratitude of the divine blessings.

Conduct: Two hours Workshop at happy children festival campus


Required Equipment: Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Dental Floss

Educational Content: During the workshop, we talked about the important tasks of the teeth, the factors causing tooth decay, tips on Dentures hygiene, misconceptions in oral hygiene and dermatological recommendations at different ages.

  Workshop Name: Women's Counseling

 Contacts: Young mothers and girls

Purpose: Girls 'and Mothers' Familiarity with Women's Health, issues related to femininity and health and sex with the presence of obstetrician and gynecologist.

Conduct: Workshop at happy children festival campus

Educational content: The materials of the workshop were presented by a gynecologist, including maternity, hygiene, pregnancy issues, familiarity with the female Genital system, diseases, and the general physical and sexual health of women. .

Also, at the end of the workshops, people are willing to talk about their problems and use expert counseling

Workshop Name: “The Story of My Life”

Contacts: Mothers

Purpose: Creating creativity and expressing dreams

Conduct: workshop in happy children festival

Educational content: Mothers express their experiences by drawing images or writing to project their psychological and mental problems, and attendances will also know that all individuals have experienced many problems in their own lives, and they are not the only ones who are facing these problems. Then they can consciously bring themselves into an ideal life style and try to make it.

Workshop Name: Sewing Training Workshop

Contacts: Mothers, Female Heads of the Family and Young Girls

Purpose: Creating the grounds for creativity and entrepreneurship for women head of household.

Holding: In 20 3-hour sessions at the Institute of Excellence

Required Equipment: Sewing Machine, Fabric, Sewing Appliances

Educational Content:  Teaching the principles of sewing professionally, using methods of the day, teaching how to draw patterns, Different sewing with pattern and without pattern, Sewing of all kinds of skirts, Dresses, Teaching of embroidery of all types of fabrics, Mannequin sewing training, Teaching important points in sewing.

Workshop Name: Life Skills Workshop, June 2016

Contacts: mothers, female guardian of the family

Purpose: Empowering and understanding existential values

Conduct:  10 sessions (25 hours of training)

Educational content: Learning effective communication with self and with children, understanding existential values.