Personal experiences:


I am Sina Fakhri, born 1976. 8 years ago, I became acquainted with the Taaly NGO.

The day that I was invited to the Taaly NGO, I thought that several friends would be added to my old friends, or perhaps I would not be attracted to that environment and would end up with a simple greetings and goodbye.

At my first attendance in NGO’s “self-awareness” classes, I had the thought that "I'm fine, these points applies to others not me." After two or three phases of attendance and getting more familiar with the concept of the classes, I realized that there is so many issues in my life that I myself am responsible for them. After participating in some social-service projects organized by the NGO, I have reached to a better understanding of myself as well as others.

All of a sudden, I realized that the Taaly NGO became a safe zone of my life; members of Taaly NGO are my closest friends and my leader?  Is one of the most compassionate and altruistic mentor in the world.

Taaly NGO is not a place; it is a concept of love, consciousness, liveliness and growth that existed in all the time and places. This happens when you encounter yourself and you can take a step for yourself, in this way, you have also took a step for your community. Every moment that you choose to live your best being, you can create a different result.

I am glad that I became acquainted with the Taaly NGO. I am thankful to the dear friend who invited me to this genuine environment (Taaly NGO), and I am grateful to the leader? who taught me the valuable concepts of life.



I am Saied Yaghubi. I was born in 1985. I am now 33 years old and I have become an active member of the Taaly NGO since 2013. I started with courses of “fundamental concepts of Taaly”. These concepts gave me a new insight into life. Introducing the eight parts of “The wheel of life”, putting actions and setting goals for these sections brought a noble and meaningful insight to my life.

Performing group and community-based programs for social services is one of the most useful activities that I have been engaged with and I practically learned (Through the workshop) many concepts such as teamwork, empathy, planning and targeting.

Developing and improving social and life skills are the most important concepts that I have learned and implemented in Taaly NGO. These meanings and knowledge will remain with me perpetually.