Wear gratitude like a cloak and

It will feed every corner of your life.



Thoughts, passing our mind, and words, flowing through our lips, are constructing our future. Thoughts have energy so in some upper levels they build our life experiences. We routinely think but do not focus on the actual matters. We, mostly, do not pay attention to the power of thoughts and emotions. We have heard this idiom over and over that “What you plant now, you will harvest later”. So isn’t it better to enrich our moments with thankfulness and by planting the seed of gratitude collecting the same fruits.

“Be grateful for your life, every detail of it, 

and your face will come to shine like a sun, 

and everyone who sees it will be made glad and peaceful. “



Everyday write gratitude in a paper of a size of full A4. It can be repetitious or new, about something important or simple in life. Critical points are these: your gratitude must be written by hand. Through your writing try to think positively. Try to remember your good feeling, best choices and reactions, strong decisions and behaviors. Even if some thought of complaints and dissatisfaction come to your mind, just watch them, acknowledge them and complete your writing with a beautiful smile. It is important to be graceful about all 8 parts of the Wheel of Life (please refer to the Wheel of Life page). Energy level of the body varies with the change in our perspective. After writing gratitude, our perspective and consequently our frequency will be different.


Wheel of Life

As you can see in the above picture the circumference of the Wheel of Life which shows 100, is the summit of our requests, wishes, integrities & ideals. The center of the circle is the zero point, the starting point in our life, and the beginning of our childhood possibilities.

The zero point differs in different people, even siblings grown up in the same family have different experiences & beliefs. We are different in our points of view, expectations, judgements, sensibilities, rationalities, seriousness, humor, abilities, talents & generally in our personality types.

In other words, as we have different points of view, our personality, Intellectual, emotional & behavior models are different, therefore make us different people.

Take a look at your Wheel of Life

Draw your own Wheel of Life. Find your own present location between 0 - 100 in each category.

Do you know your strengths and constructive points of your personality?

What are your weak points, obstacles and disorders?

What is your satisfaction percentage in each category?

If you give a number to each category and connect them together, what would be the shape of your Wheel of Life?

Would it be round, nimble, and fast (Balanced & Wholesome) or is it crooked, unbalanced & unmoving?

Look at the 8 categories of your Wheel of Life and ask yourself how you feel?

How do you feel in your zero point? Do you feel upset when you look at your achievements, hollows, strengths and weaknesses?




Do you feel sad when you look at them? Do you feel regretful or excited? Satisfied or not? Demanding or frustrated? Do you blame yourself or others? Do you feel hopeless? Arrogant or proud?

What are your ideas and beliefs in the 8 categories?

Write down the very first sentences coming to your mind when you think about each category and see what are your inner thoughts, emotions and beliefs about each sentence. Are they all positive and beneficial for you?

Which visions & thoughts are helpful? Which senses will move you forward? which will stop and lock you?

Are you aware that YOU have chosen all of them? You have chosen them someday and somewhere for a specific reason. Maybe you need to revise some of them. You need to CHANGE them.

Being aware of the Wheel of Life, we will be aware of our non-constructive patterns & habits (mental & emotional) in each category and therefore we will be able to break them down and replace them with constructive patterns and habits.

Our knowledge in the 8 categories of our inner and personal characteristics, will enable us to manage our actions and reactions in life.