Weekly classes:

The youth of Taaly NGO, in order to raise the level of education and awareness of supported children and adolescents by the Taaly NGO payed weekly visits to them at their living places to help them improve their educational process, and holding weekly “life skills” classes for them.

• Weekly education for children under the protection of Taaly NGO.

Year 2016: In the summer of 2016, “life skills” courses were held for different age groups in “Shahriar” district. “Life skills” instructors held weekly classes at “Shahriyar” in the form of group games for younger age groups and “basic concept of life” courses for part of the teenagers and youth in that area.

Year 2013: In the year 2013, “life skills” courses and education classes were held separated and in every other weeks in “Ray”, “Shahriar” and “Golabddareh” districts. One of noteworthy points in this years, was the presence of professional teachers beside the volunteers at the classes.

Year 2012: Projects for children and adolescents supported by Taaly NGO were held at the place where children lived in deprived areas. Then areas like “Shahriar”, “Goladdareh” and “Shahriar” were added to the covered districts and were included in the NGO’s educational centers and held classes for life skills for each separated age group and gender.

• Children 6-8 years old

• Girls 9-12 years old

• Boys 9-12 years old

• Girls 12-15 years old

•Teen Boys

Year 2011: In addition to conducting lessons by young people of Taaly NGO, the courses of “basic concepts of life” were designed in the form of showing film and animations, and were held at the above mentioned centers.

Year 2010: Every Friday in the morning, young people of Taaly NGO went to the children's homes in “Rey”, “Shoush” and “Molavy” to hold educational classes for them so as to maintain continuous contact with the children throughout the year, in this way they will be informed about their educational process.