Taaly Concepts fall 2020

Considering the organization’s several years of experience in holding “Taaly Concepts” training besides 2 years of experience in holding Tally practices virtual training, this time around, we held the “Taaly Concepts” training in a virtual platform concurrent with presenting practices.

In the first Tally Concepts virtual training which was split into two groups on Sundays and Mondays due to high demands for the training, 60 participants were in present out of whom 25% participated from countries outside of Iran.

The training participants were divided into 7 groups and 14 volunteers of the organization accompanied the participants until the end as supporters and co-facilitators.

In the training, bi-weekly virtual meetings were held for both groups (Sundays and Mondays) and the targeted concepts were presented to them. Moreover, concurrent with presenting participants’ assignments, there were daily exercises and recommended books to read.

This training finished by the end of fall and you can find some participants’ feedback over the Personal Experiences tab.



Concepts phase 2 and 3

Following the previously held practices training, participants who completed phase 1 and 2 training, were merged into one group and a training was held combining concepts and practices.

In this training, which was held with the presence of 31 individuals, 5 general virtual meetings took place joined by the training instructor and 4 intra-group meetings with the members of each smaller group. Practices and concepts presented in this training were more in-depth in comparison with more basic training.

Participants in this training were divided into 5 families of 6-7 and considering the advanced level of the training, there was no supporter/co-facilitator accompanying the participants and the training coordinator collaborated with the team leader of each family to guide the group along the way.



Practices of June 2020

The June training practices was a new opportunity for individuals who were interested in Taaly organization training. This training was held with 32 participants from 4 different continents and participants were from Iran, Turkey, Germany, the U.S., and Australia. Holding this virtual training was an opportunity for Farsi-speaking participants from various regions around the globe to get together.

The training participants were split into 4 groups and in each group, 2 supporters/co-facilitators accompanied the participants. In this training, there were intra-group meetings along with general meetings with the presence of the training instructor concurrent with practices which provided an opportunity for participants to ask their relevant questions and inquiries from the instructor.

This training ended in September and 85% of the participants completed the training.


Phase 2 of Taaly practices

Phase 2 of Taaly practices training took place with the presence of those who completed the phase 1 training previously.

This training started in June with 30 participants out of whom 16% joined us from countries other than Iran: Germany, the U.S., and Holland.

In this training, besides exercises and activities, virtual meetings with the presence of the training instructor and participants were hold aiming to Also, the members of each smaller group had several meetings together.

This training ended on September 21, 2020, and all the participants successfully completed the training and followed the exercises.

You can find some participants’ feedback over the Personal Experiences tab.


Content creation in social media seminar

Nowadays, many of us spend a significant amount of our time on the internet. You may have wondered that among the various and colorful contents in a virtual space, how do some contents get more publicity?

To fulfill the mission of spreading awareness in society, the “content creation” seminar was held on Friday, January 3rd, 2020, with the presence of interested individuals within the field.

Ideation and Systematic Thinking seminar

On the International Day of Education on Friday, January 24, 2020, the Ideation and Systematic Thinking seminar was held in Taaly organization. This seminar took place in Davoudieh region joined by Mr. Amin Foroutan Nezhad along with Mr. Kheir Abadi.

The International Day of Education

The message of the Director-General of UNESCO on the occasion of the International Day of Education:

Today is another chance to put an emphasis on the basic principles of education: first and foremost, education is every individual’s right, a public good, and collective responsibility; secondly, education is the most powerful force in our hand for effective progress in health, economic growth, and flourishing potential competencies and creativity needed to create sustainable and tolerable societies. Last but not least, we are in need of collective action in the education field around the globe.

Gorgan, the silent city

We arrived in Gorgan. The silent city was by no means similar to the spirit of Nowruz (Persian New Year’s Day) in the north of Iran. Even though there is no trace of flood in Gorgan and surrounding cities, the cities were deprived of Nowruz passengers and this is likely to negatively impact the living situation of the regional inhabitants.

The first place to visit was Gorgan International Exhibition and a place of residence for 1500 families. A desirable safety and organization could be noticed there. Helal Ahmar’s tents were set up and numerous institutions were present.

The Shohadaye Mohmmad Abad stadium which has a better air conditioning system accommodated 52 tents and in which 500 individuals could stay. According to some officials in the region, the number of dead people is very low. Nevertheless, residents’ houses and farms have been damaged significantly. Peoples’ first aids were distributed in the region by Helal Ahmar.

What do we want in 1398 (Iranian Solar Calendar-2019)?

This year just like previous years, we got together a few days before the end of the year to crystalize our wants and everything that can bring us satisfaction and joy in the coming year.

In the last gathering of 1398 (Iranian Solar Calendar), every individual visualized different aspects of their lives, their friends and family as well as Iran and Iranians aiming to create a fruitful year with faith and love.

The Joint Action workshop

Joint Action is the name of a workshop that is taking place with the efforts of the Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affairs in collaboration with the Provincial Government of Tehran within the last few days of 1397 (Iranian Solar Calendar-2018).

This workshop was created with the main goal of enhancing the proficiencies of non-governmental institutions in project writing and fundraising to execute institutions’ projects.

This workshop is a beneficial opportunity to learn the key fundamentals-the nuances that might go unnoticed even for those with experience but lack expertise in project writing whose efforts may end up fruitless.

The opportunity to participate in this workshop presented itself to a representative from Taaly organization. Some unique features of this workshop included having a dynamic and instructional atmosphere along with numerous group activities for participants to understand the importance of the content through practice.

In the end, in collaboration with representatives of other institutions, several projects were taken into practice as an effort to conduct a collaborative activity as well as providing support for individuals along the way.