Farasooye Taaly is a 14 year-old non-profit organization that empowers underprivileged women and children through education, skill development and enhancing inner personal values such as hope, self-awareness, self-confidence and resilience. In 2018, “Farasooye Taaly” NGO received the Advisory Board of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

At Farasooye Taaly, we believe in the transformative power of education and social services. We hope that all people from any background in society would be able to benefit from social services, which help them in improving the effective behaviors, management of individual’s feelings and thoughts and constructive communication. Through our mission, Farasooye Taaly is working to provide an interactive, cooperative and dynamic educational environment that allows for more practices and support in the form of workshops, training courses, and social activities specifically for its target group including low-income families, trainers, young people and working-class mothers. For instance, for the past 14 years volunteers of Farasooye Taaly have executed yearly “Festival of Happy Children'' where children and their mothers, who are living in poverty, gather in a 4-day boot camp where comprehensive skill-development and educational workshop packages help them navigate through rough situations. They learn how to improve their quality of life by improving team-work skills, personal-management and prepare for job market.

During the recent cumbersome COVID-19 pandemic, however, these families are hit harder not only by having limited access to healthcare products but also, they cannot afford daily expenses. Heartbreakingly, many are in shock by losing their family members, homes and jobs. We are working hard to equip them for meeting their basic needs, educational and work-related issues.






Farasooye Taaly is connected to ​people like you. Together​, we can improve self-awareness, and behavioral knowledge by expanding and enhancing the services and aid in developmental skills and teaching methods. ​Together​ we are participating to help those in need achieve a level of self-reliance and better quality of life. We are working to build a movement of fellow educators and community leaders, families and people like you who can join the effort. You can ​join us​ as a social service volunteer or ​participate in a new way​ by financially supporting Farasooye Taaly’s work. As an independent organization, every donation to Farasooye Taaly helps us deliver more, and better programs and services. Our supporters, and donors are integral to the success of Farasooye Taaly.




Farasooye Taaly gratefully accepts donations in the forms of
 check, PayPal and bank account deposit.

For all inquiries on making a donation, please email