Occasional Programs :

According to the necessity of happiness in society especially among young people some programs like celebration, festival, concerts were held with cooperation of organizations and institutes.  

Leisure-time Festival

On March 13, 20?? Taaly NGO held “Leisure-time Festival” under management of “Tehran's Provincial Sports and Youth Administration” and hosted 300 leisure-time activists in "Saadi" conference hall in “Milad” Tower. At this festival 20 executive institutes and 55 non-governmental organizations have been invited, which 13 executive institutes and 22 non-governmental organizations participated in the festival and presented their annual Achievements and planning to referees.

Also, Individuals activists in the field of leisure activities that had a significant effect on the enrichment of leisure time in previous years were invited to participate in this program. Among the participants, the best performances and achievements was also honored with the opinion of the expert judges of this sector.

Kish Mehr Festival

This festival was hold in three parts: main part, exhibition, street 29 and 30 September for

commemoration of Molana.

Main part of festival was hold free of charge by singing of Mr. Alirza Ghorbani and Mr. Mohamad Motamedi, and admiring from Mr. Shahram Nazeri, Mr. Keikhosro Poornazeri, Mr. Tofigh Sobhani, Mr. Naser Mahdavi, Mr. Roozbeh Nematolahi pop singer and Mr. Majid Molania composer of Yar Mast album for Salar Aghili ( Molana Poem) for 1600 perons.

Healthy Food Festival

The Cultural Festival of “Healthy Food” was organized by the youth volunteer of the Taaly NGO, on December 19, 2007 for three days.

The festival was held at the “Sepid” Cultural-Research complex, affiliated to “Shahid Beheshti” University. The first Healthy Food festival Held by gathering of some restaurants, food supplying companies, coffee shops, journals , as well as a demonstration of the capability of Iranian women in cooking.

The festival featured Chinese, Lebanese, Italian and ... dishes. In the health sector, in addition to conducting a healthy nutrition workshop, traditional medicine and importance of honey health of the body. Honey therapy booth and presence of “Darmangar” magazine can be named among the most prominent activists in this section. The goals of the Food Festival was creating a happy and dynamic atmosphere for the various strata of society and empowering young people and women.

One of the festival's side events was featured workshops of the youth volunteer of Taaly NGO, as well as Yalda Night celebrations with the presence of students, professors and artists. The ceremony was held on the occasion of Eid al-Ghorban and the Yalda night, with the performance of pieces of traditional music, poetry, explanation of the Yalda's night, and the performance of the contest with the special prize of the Italian restaurant. A memorable night was created for all the audience. The Cultural Healthy Food Festival of Taaly NGO, with attendance of about 2,500 people, ended its work after three days.