Girls of Farasoo:

Today, more than ever, women and girls in low-income districts are facing different kinds of emotional pressures, meanwhile no one would deny the unique role of a woman in unity of a family and therefore harmony of a society. Rough situations through lifetime, demands and problems of every member of society and the important act of women in families, are made it necessary to schedule a special program for improving their quality of life.

With special attention to girls in poverty, teenage girls are more vulnerable to mental issues. So holding various kinds of courses in the field of mental health for girls, who are tomorrow’s mothers, is very vital for Taaly NGO.



  • Targeted and high qualified training for girls of low-income families
  • Helping these girls to improve their mental health
  • Teaching these girls the methods of self-control and self-values
  • Acknowledging the self-balanced and self-improvement
  • Preparing these girls basic skilsl for entering the society


This course is programmed for girls of poor-income districts of Tehran. “Girls of Farasoo” course is held online to improve mental health of people in need in Tehran.

Different workshops with different subjects and approaches in psychology and life skills, are held with the presence of experts.

Some of the girls were under financial support of Taaly NGO for several years and some of them are under the support of other charity organizations and NGOs.

At the beginning and the end of each course, for evaluation of effectiveness of the course, we ask participants to complete an evaluation test.

During each workshop, some psychology students or experienced members of Taaly NGO, are always with the participants voluntarily to guide and support them.


Life management workshop based on “choice theory”:

This course was held for 40 girls in the range of 18 to 25 years old from poor districts of Shar-e-Rey, Shahriar, and Eslamshar.


Better self-acknowledgement, skills of recognizing their wishes, goals and demands, capability of managing their life in order to achieve their goals.

Main topics:

Effective subjects on quality of life, importance of high self-esteem in self-success, having balanced life, passion and joy, skills of improving their interpersonal relationships, management of conflicts in their relationships, and importance of releasing stress and worries.

How the course is held:

At the beginning, participants were divided into 5 different WhatsApp groups with their guides. Every Monday and Wednesday between 5 - 6:30 PM (Tehran time), they had live video classes with their mentor, who taught the theories and also gave the assignments including book-reading and related home works for better understanding of the theories.

on campus course of Shahriar & Shar-e-Rey districts

Alongside with online courses of “life management workshop based on choice theory” for girls of low-income families, guides and supporters of the course went to the districts of Shahriar and Shahr-r-Rey of Tehran to hold some meetings with the participants in order to evaluate and re-conciliate the topics of course in August 15th 2020.

These guides and supporters reviewed the topics, answered their questions and doubts about the lessons and meanwhile had that chance to observe their life situation closely and more delicately.