What we do

* Taaly, a mirror to identify real self *

An opportunity to review the quality of behavioral models and to recognizing the strengths and weaknesses for improving quality of life and self-improvement.

Taaly Institute is an educational, Non-Governmental Organization(NGO)  established in 2004 by efforts of young volunteers Aiming to provide mental health communication services for its target group that includes the youth, children and women.

Specifically, one main goal sought by the NGO is improving behavioral knowledge and communication with others (self-family-community), and providing an opportunity for the volunteers to participate in benevolent social activities to implement and live what they have learnt to its highest potential.

Hope that all people in the society:

Would be able to benefit from consultation services, which help them in improving the quality of effective behaviors and constructive communication to be guided through the path of wisdom. 

Theoretical skill-building workshops have been held at Taaly NGO from the first day of its establishment, intending to develop consciousness, dynamicity, and evolving.

These workshops have been held in different  formats and mediums in recent years (such as monthly, quarterly, online and intensive workshops) to increase self-consciousness, awareness of one’s thoughts and feelings, effective communication with others, and seeking further clarification of their personal goals.

After passing a course (about 20 hours) of basic concepts of Taaly, workshop attendees can engage in voluntarily  activities held by the institute  in form of community projects, to practice practically experience the applications of these skills . During these projects, attendees can observe their strengths and weaknesses when working as a team member, give and receive feedback, benefit from proper consultation, and continue their self-growth in the theoretical workshops if needed.


Social activities

Employing a social-based education approach, the NGO defines short-term activities and voluntary social projects, in which the members face individual challenges as well as team-based challenges taking responsibilities in various situations. Some of these situations might be completely new to them, which will help them in developing new personal capabilities.  



Training Courses:

The “ fundamental concepts of Taaly” is the name of course package that focuses on increasing the level of self-awareness and concentration, identification and effective management of individual’s feelings and thoughts, effective communication with others, and also clarifying personal goals, values, and capabilities.