Occasional Programs :

According to the necessity of happiness in society especially among young people some programs like celebration, festival, concerts were held with cooperation of organizations and institutes.  

Kish Mehr Festival

This festival was hold in three parts: main part, exhibition, street 29 and 30 September for

commemoration of Molana.

Main part of festival was hold free of charge by singing of Mr. Alirza Ghorbani and Mr. Mohamad Motamedi, and admiring from Mr. Shahram Nazeri, Mr. Keikhosro Poornazeri, Mr. Tofigh Sobhani, Mr. Naser Mahdavi, Mr. Roozbeh Nematolahi pop singer and Mr. Majid Molania composer of Yar Mast album for Salar Aghili ( Molana Poem) for 1600 perons.

Tajrish Local House, October 2012

This commemoration in Molana’s birthday was hold because of introducing Molana’s thoughts to people in October 2012 with playing music and reading poem.


 Arikeh Iranian 1 October 2010

For commemoration of Molana and suuporting aducation of supported children by Taaly NGO, concert of Hesamedin Seraj was hold in tow parts with 1600 participants in Arikeh Iranian


Bahonar camping complex November 2009 :

This program held with cooperation of Social and Cultural Affairs of Municipality Region 1 in Bahonar camping complex. In this commemoration some programs were done like speech about Molana and Man of today, traditional music playing, reading poem by a kid, palying music and reading poem by Mr. Rasoul Najafian. 


 Molana commemoration in September 2007 :

Taaly NGO held Eftari ceremony for Molana’s birthday( this year named Molana’s year by UNESCO) in 28 September 2007. This program started with reading Neyname and then reading some part of Molana’s biography with some poems from Divan Ghazaliat in group. In this programm some poems of Molana held with pop music and some important persons like actors and artists participated in this programm.