Taaly organization initiated the “Concepts of Taaly” courses in 2007, through that an effective steps for enhancing the quality of life and mental health of the youth of  the society has been taken.

The purpose of these courses is more self-awareness, better knowledge of life and constructive communication with self and others (family and society). Since the beginning, 3500 people have been participating which half of them have been engaged in our social activities voluntarily and so get the opportunity to practice the theories in action.

Today, considering the Covid-19 pandemic and the international distribution of our participants, we decided to run online courses. These courses have two parts: Online video classes and home-works.


 The theories we are teaching:

Concepts like the Wheel of Life, Transactional Analysis (parent-like, childlike, or adult-like), effects of emotions on the body, William Glasser Choice Theory, Karpman Drama Triangle and….have been taught. Participants do some home-works in relation to the lessons accordingly. You can see some samples of concepts and home-works here.

These courses are seasonal and after finishing one course participants are eligible to join in more advanced classes.

Participants may join us as social service volunteers after finishing phase I of Taaly courses. You can find more descriptions in the social activity page.

For more information about the course calendar, please check the future courses page.


What are the Taaly Practices?

“Taaly Practices” is a different course which, by demand of participants, was introduced in 2017 in order to help them have a continuous connection with the theories systematically and in team work oriented.

The theories and techniques taught in these courses are simple and recognizable. They are not taken from any particular method of psychology. Each persons’ experiences and memory flashbacks are unique and in consequence of his or her attention, not necessarily the purpose of these courses.

In these courses participants try to experience and reach a better constructive behavior, beliefs and communication by daily and active practices.

In this course we do not encourage participants to search into their unconscious ego or psychological hidden layers.


How the courses are held:

All of the participants will be added to a WhatsApp group. Our mentor utilizes online video call meetings for teaching and answering participants questions. Also she uses the WhatsApp group to announce the routine practices and home-works.
In order to achieve better support and guidance through the course for each and every person, participants will be divided into smaller WhatsApp groups of 10 to 15 people called “Mini group”. In these “Mini groups” there are always one or two guides accompanying participants.

Guide: a person more experienced with the concepts and practices which voluntarily choose to be with participants to monitor the home-works, support the participants through the course and confirm the home-work reports which will be sent in specific format.